Our Promise

It drives me crazy that so many tech companies are all about the dollar. They are more interested in taking care of their bottom line then actually taking care of your customers. We are a Christian owned company and that stands behind character, integrity, and trust. We will treat your company as if it were our own, and advise you as if this was our company. We will never try to save you money if it means that you are putting your time, money, and business in danger. As well, we will never advise you to purchase anything we don’t believe will help you 100%.

Our Mission

There is nothing worse then being a fire man when it comes to computers. I hate being the guy that waits for everything to go wrong before a client calls us freaking out. Instead, we focus on stopping the problems before they happen. We will evaluate your systems, and put in place security, systems, and redundancy that will help keep you up and running. If you start wondering “I never see our IT and our computers are always working fine with no problems” … we are doing our job 🙂 A client called me complaining once and said, “How do I even know that you are doing what you say you are doing?” I responded “How is your computer working?” He responded. “It’s working great!… its working with no problems…”
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