Why Managed IT Services?

Why Managed IT Services?

  Managed Services and Proactive Maintenance are becoming a crucial model for handling your companies IT. With a alarming rate of growing and very real risks, we can’t just sit around and hope for the best. The reactive “break-fix” model is risky and expensive. If we approached our cars, finances, relationships, and health with the break-fix model, we would be divorced, living in a broke-down car, financially broke, with several health problems. You see my point. Yet why is it that so many companies still operate with this mindset with the most crucial part of any company these days… our computers!

Enter Managed Services

90% of all computer issues are avoidable. We can prepare for the other 10%. Here’s how…

Security and Monitoring

  • Antivirus and Malware Software: We provide you with security licensing for all your supported devices on the network. The endpoint protection software is tied directly into our back end system where we can monitor and respond to threats in real time.
  • Patch management and Updates: Microsoft, Java, Flash, Adobe, Antivirus, etc… It’s important to keep your systems updated. These companies are working hard to keep security loop holes closed, but if you don’t make sure to apply the updates, then you’re at risk. On top of that, we also pay to have every updated tested before deployment. If the patch or update comes back problematic to computers, we black list it and keep it from effecting your systems until the patch is repaired.
  • Network Security and Uptime Monitoring: Small business’s are the prime target of hackers. Small business’s typically don’t keep their systems up to date, monitor their firewalls, and  pay attention to server activity. Normally when a small business gets hacked, they won’t know until it’s way too late. We have your back. From intrusion prevention on the firewall and seeking out back doors in your server to network up time, we are constantly looking after your network.
  • Hardware and Software Monitoring: We monitor your hard drive health and capacity and can respond before the drive breaks. We keep watch over the system’s temperatures. We are monitoring the event logs and are notified for literally hundreds potential problems… why? It allows us to respond and attend to these potential problems before they result in downtime.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

So the fact is that nothing is 100%. The best security, most aggressive automation, and most competent eyes can’t prevent everything. So what happens when you have major data loss? When was the last time you tested a backup? Ok… You have a backup… great! But do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan? Ask yourself these questions. In the event of major data loss…
  1. How quickly can you get back up and running?
  2. Are you 100% sure that your backup is current and will actually work?
  3. When was the last time you performed a test recovery?
  4. Do you know EXACTLY how to restore your data and get back to an operational state?
  5. How much will each day you are down cost you?
  6. If you lost all your data from the past month, what would that cost?
  7. Have you ever asked yourself these questions before?
If we partner with you, we will put a Disaster Recovery Plan in place for your company. We will provide you with all the hardware and software. We will monitor backup success 24/7, and test your backups to ensure that when the time comes, you are covered. If the worst were to happen, in most cases, we can have you up within 1 hour or less.


  • We make our money when you are up, not when you’re down.
  • Unlike break/fix, We have incentive to keep your network as stable as possible!
  • In order to achieve results, we’ve made significant investment in the latest network management systems.
  • You enjoy the benefits of enterprise-level automation, security and monitoring systems.
  • Our response times are backed by a comprehensive SLA.


  • We document everything the first time, so that time isn’t wasted the second time.
  • We track your domain name subscriptions, licenses, computer details, and every detail we need to service your company efficiently. Information is king!
  • All your information is securely stored in our IT Documentation system.
  • We are able to connect and track trouble tickets to your computer devices to see patterns in problematic behavior.


It’s completely understandable that as a small business owner or entrepreneur, you’re trying to minimize your expenses and keep tight reins on your budget. One way you might try to do so is by forgoing the monthly expense of managed IT services, and adopting a “break fix” philosophy, calling on a professional only when IT crises arise. But let’s look at this from a different vantage point. The service I’m proposing is more like Outsourced IT. How much would it cost to bring one person in house? I can promise you that it would cost more than us. On top of that, you still need all the tools and licenses we are already providing. As well, you only have one that one IT guy. With us, you have access to our entire team, you are paying less, you are getting top of the line protection, automation and backup service. But on top of all that you aren’t on the hook for workers comp, benefits, and well… what happens when he takes his “two week vacation?”   In closing, here is the bottom line. We are looking to partner with companies who’s IT system is vital to their minute to minute operations. If your company doesn’t strongly rely your IT system and computers to do business, then the Break/Fix model may not be a bad way to go. However, if your computers are a crucial part of how your company operates and makes money, I’d like to speak with you further and see how we might be able to keep you and your company up and running. Thank you for your time in reading this.   Sincerely, David Shay

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